1. I will personally PLANT and NURTURE at least 50 TREES in 2024 and encourage my immediate family to do the same.

2. In my office and home, I will GENERATE LESS PET WASTE by using water dispensers and water bottles.

3. In my home, I will ONLY USE RENEWABLE ENERGY as my alternative to the public energy supply

4. I will be LESS DISRUPTIVE TO NATURE in any personal construction I undertake.

5. I will consciously REDUCE AIR JOURNEYS for me and my immediate family, and each time we have to travel internationally, we will PLANT A TREE each to give back to nature.

6. My family and I will UTILIZE MORE REUSABLE BAGS in our shopping.

7. I will set aside at least one day per week to STAY OFF ANIMAL and ANIMAL PRODUCTS in my meal.

8. I will preferentially look out to patronize GREEN STORES and purchase RECYCLED ITEMS

9. I will consciously MINIMISE WASTAGE of NATURAL RESOURCES like water, strive to PROTECT ANIMALS and PLANTS, and encourage my family to do same.

10. In 2024, my personal automobiles will become CNG POWERED.

Dear friends, I invite you to join me in this challenge by writing down your own green resolution for 2024, and if you want, make it public. In whatever little way you can, please join in the movement to preserve the environment and protect planet earth for even generations unborn .


Dr. Iziaq Kunle Salako
Minister of State for Environment
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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