Cites procedure

Contractors in need of cites should follow the below set guidelines and procedure

The federal department of forestry relied on the provisions in the following document to guide forest administration and timber trade (export) in Nigeria:

1. Section 3.3.5 and 3.3.6 of the 2006 national forest policy
2. Cites act 2004
3. Approved tariff for cites application and permit
4. Review of the endangered status of some wild plant and animals at cites cop13, south africa, 2016.

Guidelines & Requirement

Based on series of stakeholder’s constitutions in 2016, the following guidelines were put in place to guide prospective wood products export vendors in securing letter of support and cites as applicable.

1. Submission of an applicable addressed to the honorable minister, (attention: director of forestry) with the following:
a. Certificate of incorporation of the company
b. Certified true copy of memorandum and article of association
c. Current certified true copy of form co7 (particulars of directors)
d. Letter of request promotion council certificate.
e. Nigeria export promotion council certificate.

2. The company must show evidence that the wood product for export was sustainably harvested by producing logging permit or concessionaire certificate issued by the state ministry responsible for forestry matters where the exploitation and or processing took place.

3. The forestry department wood utilization/ grading officers undertakes the factory inspection and in addition, ascertain compliance with value added to wood designated for export. This gives room for the ministry to work in collaboration with the state ministry to ensure a genuine concessionaire certificate is issued.

4. Field reports submitted by wood utilization / grading officer are expected to provide needed information for further processing and consideration of vendor application.

5. Note that:
* a no objective letter is issued by the honorable commissioner responsible for forestry in keeping with the global transparency standard and chain of custody requirement by international market.
* cites permit is for one shipment and is not transferable. It remains valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of issue and
* a separate permit shall be required for each consignment of any specimen for shipment, imported, exported, or re-exported under the cites law.


Cites permit is for one shipment and is not transferable. It remains valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of issue and


Fees depend on size of shipment and will be calculated upon submission of application.