The Department is headed by Mr. Alonge Adesanya (Director)  with main function of the Environmental Assessment Department is to ensure environmentally sustainable development through regulation of activities within the oil and gas industry, environmental impact assessment (EIA) of development projects and development of guidelines and standards for environmental quality monitoring.

The Department has three Divisions namely:-

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Division
  • Standard & Monitoring Division
  • Oil & Gas Division

Environmental Impact Assessment Division

The Division is charged with the mandate of implementing the provisions of the EIA Acts No. 86 of 1992. The Act requires that proponents (public or private) of major development projects should subject their projects to the provisions of the EIA Acts.

The EIA Division is made up of three branches and their activities are as follows:

  • Planning, Policy and Registry (PPR) Branch is responsible for the registration of new projects, EIA revenue recording, co-ordination of training, Workshops, conferences, seminars, EIA Budget and the site verification of new projects, etc.
  • Evaluation and Analysis Branch (EA) is responsible for EIA scoping, Risk Assessment and the review/evaluation of terms of references and EIA reports.
  • Impact Mitigation Monitoring (IMM) Branch is responsible for conducting Impact Mitigation Monitoring of approved projects, EIA Auditing and the post Impact Assessment of projects.

Standards and Monitoring Division

The Division has three branches, namely: Environmental Standards and Audit, Laboratory Services and Environmental Research Studies and Ecotoxicology with the following mandate:

  • Development and review of National guidelines and standards for air, water and Soil.
  • Development and review of National guidelines on Environmental Management Systems and Environmental audit
  • Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories
  • Provision of laboratory Services to other technical departments within the ministry
  • Review and Certification of Environmental Audit reports of industries and corporate organizations

Oil and Gas Division

The activities of the Oil and Gas Division of the Environmental Assessment Department include:-

  • Monitoring of borrow pits reclamation projects
  • Monitoring of drill cuttings and other oil and gas wastes management and disposals
  • Monitoring of oil and gas facilities effluent discharges
  • Inventorization of past oil spill impacted sites and preparation of data bank
  • Monitoring of oil and gas facilities for integrity verification
  • Review and assessment of oil spill and other emergencies contingency plans of oil and gas industry Operators
  • Conflict resolution activities through stakeholders' consultative fora
  • Monitoring of gas gathering and utilization and other related projects and enforcement of 2008 gas flare down deadline
  • Monitoring and enforcement of solid Minerals guidelines and regulation
  • Monitoring and supervision of the Division's capital projects
  • Evaluation of Natural gas utilization and implementation of related projects in Nigeria especially gas to liquid guidelines
  • Monitoring and certification of Post Impact Assessment of Oil, Gas and Mineral's facilities and impacted sites
  • Enforcement of Oil and Gas Companies facilities design specification with environmental limitations and standards

The Department is also the supervising organ of the some of the Ministry's parastatal, i.e. the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) as well as parastatal of other Ministries like (a)Nigeria Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NNRA), (b)Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) with key environmental responsibilities. For further details, visit